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Safety & Quality

Safety is not an option; it is considered a function of job duty.

Safety for all work performed is deemed as a critical priority and responsibility. At Basile Construction, we have a comprehensive and implemented safety program. Our Code of Safe Practices partially illustrates only some of the practices we commit to using on the job. Through a collective effort of cooperative training, we can ensure a safe work environment that eliminates any unexpected injury.

To ensure an injury-free working environment, our safety training requires all job supervisory personnel to be formally trained in CPR/1st Aid, Competent Person, OHSA 10- Hour and the safe operational use of equipment as well as Trenching and Excavating Safety for all employees. We strive to emphasize the importance of safety by putting effort into preventing injuries and illness. To make sure our employees are constantly up to date with safety precautions, it is required for all personnel to participate in the following:

Weekly Tool Box Meetings

Discussion and reminders for the recognition and avoidance of a variety of unsafe conditions and job-safety techniques.

Equipment Check-ups and Hazard Analysis

An examination of projects and machinery is conducted in an effort to detect any possible hazard to eliminate any dangers or delays on the project.


Teams are kept apprised of any external job site safety regulations, requirements or procedures by using our in-house certified trainer.


Employee Safety Compliance; including, new employee orientation, job site visits and reviews.

Together, we strive to achieve a safe working environment that is productive for all employees.